Building Evaluation Services

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New Building Evaulation

Construction plans for your new residential or commercial building are evaluated for local energy code compliance and air-tightness of construction details. ConservFirst encourages the design of buildings that lose little heat and require small efficient heating, cooling & ventilation equipment. Working with your architect or designer we review designs and assist in identifying energy efficient and durable building materials and space conditioning equipment. Additionally, we offer building and duct leakage testing, along with ventilation equipment flow testing services to verify the building and equipment meets the design and code requirements.

** Effective January 2013, we now provide HERS ratings for your residential buildings. Ratings are available for New Mexico code compliance, New Mexico Sustainability Tax Credits, HUD energy loans and energy efficient mortgages. Verification services are provided as required by each program.


Existing Building Evaluation

Existing residential or commercial building energy audits are provided to assist owners identify usage patterns and prioritize retrofit opportunities. ConservFirst offers evaluation services that will address energy usage, and limited aspects of building durability and occupant health and safety. We offer building and duct leakage testing, along with ventilation equipment flow testing services. ConservFirst can provide limited or comprehensive scope of work to improve the home. Evaluations are based on building science principles and include the use of appropriate, state-of-the-art equipment in diagnosing opportunities for improving energy efficiency and minimizing health and safety hazards.

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