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The basic design of incandescent lamps has not changed since they were invented in the 1800's. Their light output per watt of electricity applied is not very efficient. As the United States grows, instead of investing in more power plants and enlarging the national network of distribution wires, the Federal government has created the Energy Star program to encourage the development of more efficient products requiring less electricity. As applied to lighting, they are encouraging more light output per watt of electricity applied. This relationship is called efficacy (lumens per watt).

The color of light is often described using a term called color temperature, which is measured in degrees Kelvin or kelvin (K). Lower Kelvin numbers mean the light has a warmer color, (2700-3000) while higher Kelvin numbers mean the light has a cooler color (3000-6500).

ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs are available in many of the same colors as regular bulbs. Choose the color that works best in your room and provides the look you desire.

3-Way Lamps3-Way Lamps

Turn your three-way incandescent bulb lamps into energy efficient ones and get the light output you need, energy savings you want. At 2700 lumens these energy efficient lamps offer three distinct energy saving light levels and the highest light output available in a three way fluorescent bulb. These energy efficiency products pays for themselves in energy savings many times over the bulbs life. Fits most three way lamps.

All models below feature:
      - Harmonic Distortion: <150%
      - Power Factor: >.50%
      - 120 Volts
      - 10,000 hour Average Life Color Temperature: 2850K
      - Non-Dimmable

$ 13.99
EL30.122233Spiral 3-Way Lamp

Our energy saving 3-Way Compact Fluorescent Lamp has an average rated lamp life of 10,000 hours is the most compact in size, fits most three way lamps, and has 2225 lumens output (efficacy of 67 lumens per watt), making it much brighter than most other brands for the amount of energy required. Pays for itself in energy savings in 1/10 of the life of the bulb.

Features include:
      - 3 distinct light levels - comparable to: 50/100/150 watt incandescent.
      - Initial Lumens: 700/1500/2225
      - Rated Watts: 12/22/33
      - High lumen output and excellent lumen maintenance.
      - Long life - 10,000 hours average rated life.
      - 1 year warranty.
      - Color Temperature: 2700K
      - Non-Dimmable
      - This has earned the ENERGY STAR® certification
      - Special ballast circuitry provides cool, reliable operating temperature.

CFL Par LampsCFL Par Lamps

These energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Par Lamps are specifically designed to replace Halogen Par Lamps in residential, commercial and industrial applications. This series features the same size, shape, look and feel of traditional Par Lamps with 75% energy savings and four times the lamp life.
Built in optical - optimum par glass reflection, patented rapid start, amalgam technology for high lumen output and lumen maintenance.

These Compact Fluorescent Par Lamps are non-dimmable. Visit our dimmable fluorescent bulb section for the latest selection of energy saving dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs.

Features include:
      - Weatherproof, suitable for use outdoors.
      - Operating temperature: from -23°C/-10°F to 38°C/100°F.
      - Average rated lamp life: 8,000 hours.
      - Color Rendering Index: 85
      - Non-Dimmable
      - All Models have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating.

$ 7.88
EL12.093035CFL Par 20, 9W, non-dimmable, 3000K

9 Watt lamp replaces Par20 35W, 280 lumens, 3000K, 2.48" diameter, 3.94" overall length

$ 9.99
EL12.153050CFL Par 30, 15W, non-dimmable, 3000K

15 Watt lamp replaces Par30 50W, 700 lumens, 3000K, 3.74" diameter, 4.69" overall length

$ 10.88
EL12.233090CFL Par 38, 23W, non-dimmable, 3000K

23 Watt lamp replaces Par38 90W, 1280 lumens, 3000K, 4.81" diameter, 5.31" overall length

CFL Globe LampsCFL Globe Lamps

The new Compact Fluorescent Globe Lamp combines a decorative look with the advanced technology, energy savings and long life of compact fluorescents. Miniature lamp technology, small ballast design fits most popular fixtures. Ideal for use in vanity lighting, hanging lamps, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting applications. Replacing incandescent globes with Compact Fluorescent Globe Lamps is an easy, cost effective way to save energy and reduces the frequency of bulb replacement. Particularly good for those bathrooms who's light switch never seems to find its way to the off position.

All models below feature:
      - Power Factor: >.50
      - Harmonic Distortion: <150%
      - 8,000 Hours Average Life
      - Non-Dimmable
      - All Models have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating

$ 5.55
EL15.090040CFL Globe 9W

9 Watt, replaces 40 Watt incandescent, 500 lumens, 3.11" diameter, 4.33" overall length

$ 5.55
EL15.140060CFL Globe 14W 3.25" diameter

14 Watt, replaces 60 Watt incandescent, 800 lumens, 3.25" diameter, 4.88" overall length

$ 5.55
EL15.140160CFL Globe 14W 3.75" diameter

14 Watt, replaces 60 Watt incandescent, 800 lumens, 3.75" diameter, 5.50" overall length

$ 5.55
EL15.140260CFL Globe 14W 4.88" diameter

14 Watt, replaces 60 Watt incandescent, 800 lumens, 4.88" diameter, 7.5" overall length

CFL R-Flood LampsCFL R-Flood Lamps

With 23 watts and 1150 lumens these one-piece R-Series Fluorescent Flood Lamps provide more light output and more energy savings. Our 15 Watt has the same light output as the 16 watt leading compact fluorescent flood lamp making it more efficient. Approved for wet location use, these R-Series Fluorescent Flood Lamps may be used in recessed cans, ceiling fixtures, track lights, outdoor fixtures and are similar in size and light output to standard incandescent floodlights. Saves up to 75% in energy costs. 8,000 hour average rate life; lasts four times longer than similar incandescent flood lights.

Features include:
      - Industry-leading high lumen output and long lamp life
      - Utilizes advanced amalgam technologies to provide stable light output over broad temperature range and burning positions in both indoor and outdoor applications
      - New Easy-to-Grip reflector shape for quicker installation and removal
      - Suitable for use in wet locations.
      - Color Rendering Index: 82
      - Non-Dimmable
      - All Models have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating

$ 6.70
EL14.150060CFL R-Flood 15W

15 Watt, replaces 60 watt incandescent, 750 lumens, BR30 bulb type, 5.59" overall length

Power SupplyPower Supply

Many electrical devices operate on a lower voltage than the standard US 115 volts delivered. Using transformers, manufacturers are able to build one product and convert the many different voltages in the world to fit their product. When the product is turned off the transformer will continue to draw electricity. These transformers are typically little black boxes we plug into the wall and are often called "wall rats" because they chew away on your electric bill. To eliminate the electricity drawn by these transformers when our products are turned off we need to connect a switch to the outlets and manually turn off the supply of electricity. Using power strips we can connect several of these transformers and try to remember to turn off the switch. Using Smart Strip Power Strip we can eliminate the need for a manually switch.

$ 28.90
EP10.070006Smart Strip Power Strip

Energy Saving Smart Strip Power Strip can shutoff power to four outlets when you power down a device on the fifth outlet. Ideal for computers and entertainment centers. Two additional outlets are constantly hot for running devices that must have constant power, such as lights and clocks. The seven outlets work together, auto switching your devices on/off automatically, to save you money on your electric bills. Conveniently-spaced outlets and a 45-degree angled space saver plug make the Smart Strip Power Strip a friendly addition to your electronic systems. They can automate lights & vacuums on your shop equipment.

Power strip provides 1225 joules of surge protection, EMI.RFI filtering up to 40 db of line noise, four different fuses and a six foot, 14 gauge heavy duty power cord. They do not save energy on phones, washers, dryers & kitchen appliances.

Electric MonitorsElectric Monitors

Evaluating energy usage is an important way to determine where resources should be applied to achieve the best financial benefit.

$ 39.99
EP90.010115Kill A Watt Monitor, P4400

Watts killing you? Connect your appliances into the Kill A Watt Monitor, and assess how efficient they are. Large LCD display counts consumption by the kilowatt-hour just like utility companies. Enter local utility rates in $/kWh and the monitor will figure out your electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Monitor the quality of your power by displaying Voltage, Amperage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor. Maximum 15 Amp, 125 volts.

Great for evaluating electrical usage for nearly any device that consumes less than 15 amps which includes entertainment centers, kitchen appliances and most shop tools. Do you know how much money it cost to operate your clock radio, old refrigerator, pellet stove, coffee pot, computer.....?